Commercial, residential tile installation in Virginia Beach

Q:  How do I choose a grout color? 
You can choose to match the tile or make the grout a dramatic contrast to the tile.  We often recommend that you select the darkest color you are comfortable with.  This will make maintenance of your tile floor effortless.

Q:  Can ceramic be used outside?
This depends on the climate you live in.  If you live in a climate that freezes the answer is no.  Because ceramic is rigid it cannot sustain the temperature differences and will usually crack.  There are other solutions such as natural stone or slate, porcelain or quarry tile that will do beautifully outside and enhance any outdoor space.

Q:  Can tile be installed over existing flooring?
This is not usually recommended; however there are a few exceptions dependent upon the subfloor.  The tile or stone is only as strong as what it is bonded to.   

Q:  Can you mix and match tiles?
Usually you can mix and match.  There are many accent pieces that can be mixed and matched as well.  There are differences in the thickness and dimensions of different series and manufacturers of tile, however almost any design is possible!

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